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About US

We are a subsidiary of AFAQ, a company under Section 42, and our aim is to enlighten people with various educational programs



Board of directors of AFAQ (Association For Academic Quality decided in a meeting that Qur’an and Character Education are something which needs isolated attention and to be worked as a project, hence for that Purpose Character Education Foundation (CEF) was founded in Jan 2016 for the same purpose, its registration is also in process after which it will be an independent company Under section -42 of Pakistan companies Ordinance.


The Founder of CEF is Mr Mahmood Ahmad, who founded READ foundation in 1994 & was also the founding director of AFAQ and HIN ( Help In Need) in 1997. His visionary and consistent efforts to such big successful and running projects makes CEF another dream to become reality much sooner than those projects.

About the Company



کردار دنیا اور آخرت کے لئے


Transforming society for a bright future through quran education, character building and community engagement

Organizational Structure

The company is only 2 years old, still the organizational structure is well in place with clear chain of command and reporting lines. All heads of programs reports to Chairman, and all departments have their own hierarchy accordingly.


CEF has the following operational Departments:

  1.  Programs: (Qur’an, Character , Community & Parenting Education)
  2. Marketing & Training
  3. Admin & HR
  4. Corporate Relations
  5. Finance & Accounts
  6. Research & Development
  7. Information Technology
  8. Social Media