Elders’ Programmes


Qur’an is a complete code of life and it is our religious and moral duty to get maximum benefit from it in our lives. Our main responsibility towards this Holy book is to read it correctly, understand it and spread its message among others.
Qur’an Education encompasses a comprehensive curriculum of learning Tajweed-ul-Qur’an with proper phonics and blending of sounds to build a clear understanding of Qur’an in educational institutions, organizations and communities. Similarly, you can learn the meaning of Qur’an by learning the grammar in an easy way and by enhancing your vocabulary by a modern technique.


Under the supervision & guidance of expert trainers and researches, we have prepared miraculous short courses. These courses enable you to learn Qur’an at any age. Total Physical Interaction (TPI) method has made this so easy and effective that a child from the age of 5 to an elder in the age of 60 can learn the Qur’an easily.
We have formulated practically feasible courses for elders belonging to any segment of society. If you are a working professional and can’t find much time in your daily busy life you can still learn Qur’an by sparing a very small amount of time out of your routine.


This is 6 hours course which covers the understanding of 33% words of the Holy Qur’an through understanding of the whole prayers.

You can arrange a group (minimum 10 people) of friends/family or colleagues from your business or workplace and we can provide you with a trainer who can teach you the complete Namaz in only 6 hours.

This can be an hour on daily basis or a 2-3 hours session on weekend.


This is 19 hours course which covers the understanding of 75% words of the Holy Qur’an using TPI (Total physical Interaction) and High-Frequency words of selective Surahs.

This course can lay down a roadmap for you to plan your overall goal of learning Qur’an and understanding the meanings of it.

If you would like to be a trainer of a short course then this course can also provide you with an opportunity to start your journey for being a trainer.


Our team has been working to devise short courses for the students of universities and colleges. These hourly based courses are equally effective for the students of universities and colleges to learn and understand Qur’an. You can arrange a class of your faculty, staff or students at your college or university and contact us to provide you a trainer. If you wish to continue year round learning and completion of a comprehensive course we can provide you customized options


We have devised special courses for the pilgrimagers who visit Harmain for Umrah and Hajj. It is vital to enhance the level of your understanding of the Duaas, Rituals and Prayers you make during these sacred journeys.  Our teams have provided this service in training camps of Hujjaj and also to the Umran Zaireen while they are in Haramain.