Tajweedi Qaida PCTB Class 1


The salient features of this book are:

  • This book is made very easy for children by using the phonics teaching method.
  • QR-Code for the video lesson is provided in each lesson.
  • Groups of Arabic letters have been made according to the makharij (phonics/pronunciation), in which the principle of easy to difficult has been adopted.
  • The first sound of the names of various objects has been used to identify the sound/phonemes for the pronunciation of letters.
  • The sounds/phonemes of the Arabic alphabet are taught along with diacritics (Harakat) on letters including Zabar, Zair and Paish.
  • Learning outcomes for each lesson are provided to guide teachers.

Learning outcomes of this book:

After reading this book, children will be able to recognize the shapes/facets, names and sounds/phonemes of the Arabic alphabet.

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